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My name is Amir and, in addition to operating DC Dogz, I’m a law enforcement officer. A big part of my job is acting as a voice for victims, displaced people and even animals–those who have no voice of their own. Out in the field, I often encounter stray dogs, dogs who often end up euthanized for lack of a home.

No matter the circumstances: an owner who could no longer afford their dog, a family being evacuated or facing eviction or worst yet, owners who simply grow tired of the responsibility of dog ownership–these precious animals are too often left behind.

Wanting to make a difference, I started out rescuing these abandoned dogs by locating no-kill shelters that would take them or by helping to place them with a new family.


My two “human” children with Charlie

One day, I found myself on the other end: rescued by a fun-loving Goldendoodle named Charlie.


Parker waiting patiently for us to come home.

Charlie was my “first child.” She taught me pure love, responsibility and how to greet each day with renewed enthusiasm. Soon, my little family grew to include a male German shepherd named Parker and…two adorable human children.

Watching Charlie and Parker interact with my kids makes me realize just how much our canine friends enhance our lives. I know my dogs are lucky.

Charlie will always be “my first child” and Parker is training as a search and rescue dog. They have a large yard to run around in and are well loved. But, I can’t forget those dogs I first encountered when I started out as an officer.  I remember asking myself “How can I make a difference if I can’t possibly help them all?”

My mantra has become “one dog at a time.” I founded DC Dogz as a way to help keep necessary rescue efforts going. It’s simple: Browse around on our site. We know you’ll find one of our high-quality made-in-America dog tags for your furry family member.  Find a tag to reflect your dog’s singular personality, sense of humor, or your family’s lifestyle. They make great gifts and make fantastic luggage tags, keychains or keepsakes.

Your purchase not only keeps your dog safer as it wears an attractive, durable tag but a full 50% of the profits from our product will go to support dog rescue efforts. Every dog matters. The joy my dogs have brought to my family and me keeps me going. We can find every dog a home, together and one dog at a time.

Thank you for choosing to Tag with Love



Founder, D.C. Dogz


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